Officers for 2024

Elections of LACCEI Officers for 2023-2024

Every year LACCEI members elect the group of dedicated officers to lead the organization. Respectfully, we recognize the officers’ efforts, leadership, and commitment to the advancement of LACCEI initiatives. A special recognition goes to our current 2023 Executive Board Members that are completing their terms: Their legacies are reflected in the success of our initiates. To all of them our sincere gratitude.

LACCEI Executive Board of Directors announces it is accepting nominations for candidates to serve as Executive Board Members committed to carrying the mission of LACCEI for the term 2024-2025.

“The mission of LACCEI is to facilitate and promote global collaboration in the advancement and continuous improvement of engineering and technology education, practice, research, and innovation linking Latin America and the Caribbean to the rest of the world.


  • All member institutions are invited to submit names for consideration. Join LACCEI today and submit your nomination.
  • Individuals can be nominated by their University, by another LACCEI member or self-nominated.
  • All nominations must be submitted by June 19, 2023, 5:00 Noon (EDT) to be considered.
  • Candidates must be available to attend the General Assembly on July 2023, and the Board of Directors meeting on July 2023, during the 21st LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology Hybrid Edition.
  • Board Member positions are assigned for a one-year or two-year term as indicated.


Libis Valdez: Biography

President 2024 (1 year term)

Dean of Engineering. Fundación Universitaria Antonio de Arévalo Colombia. Colombia

Functions of The President:

  • Represent LACCEI and lead any representation of the Corporation in any act in which it participates.
  • Preside and direct the meetings of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of LACCEI.
  • Call the meetings of the Board of Directors as established in the internal manual.
  • Ensure compliance with BYLAWS and the internal manual throughout the organization.
  • Sign the official correspondence and the minutes together with the Executive Director.
  • Enforce the agreements adopted in the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
  • When deemed appropriate, the President may delegate functions to another member of the Board.
  • Propose or revise the Strategic Plan and the annual Work Plan for approval by the Board of Directors.

Proposal for the Presidency of LACCEI:

  1. Comply with the regulations and statutory provisions to fulfill the mission of LACCEI.
  2. Lead strategies for the execution of the development plan and the structuring and application of the annual work plan.
  3. Promote strategic actions that strengthen the initiatives and committees of LACCEI and the impact of the projects on the members of the Consortium.
  4. Incorporate initiatives to increase the active members of LACCEI.
  5. Actively monitor the actions of the members of the Executive Board.
  6. Lead actions to consolidate alliances with other organizations that promote engineering education.
  7. Contribute to the consolidation of academic events organized by LACCEI and its members.
  8. Lead the formation of collaborative networks among the members of LACCEI in order to face the challenges of engineering education.
  9. Lead actions to strengthen the administrative and financial processes of LACCEI.
  10. Create and lead actions that promote initiatives for the inclusion, equity and development of minorities to close gaps in STEM areas.
  11. Strengthen the channels of communication and dissemination of the research results of the member institutions, to favor the transmission of knowledge and promote its expansion, with the creation of a journal as a predictor of potential scientific and technological development for the consortium.

Renetta Garrison Tull: Biography

Vice President of Initiatives (2 year term)

University of California, Davis. United States

Functions of The VP of Initiatives:

  • Propose to the Board of Directors and implement, after approval, a plan of activities that contribute to the fulfillment of the mission and goals of the consortium.
  • Carry out other functions entrusted by the Board of Directors or the President.

Proposal for the VP of LACCEI:

My interest in Vice President for Initiatives 2023-24 is based on working with the LACCEI leadership, faculty, and students to create additional opportunities for student leadership and cultural connections that will contribute to development of a global citizenry. I look forward to proposing plans that will elevate student engagement and opportunities to collaborate on significant projects connected to the UN’s SDGs, both within and outside of Latin America. Moreover, in an effort to serve the stakeholders of the organization, I am interested in working with the leadership on the vision to expand the hemispheric work of LACCEI to more universities in both Latin America and the Caribbean. I’ve also been working to foster relationships and partnerships across organizations, e.g., universities, corporations, government entities, and non-profit groups, and I look forward to leveraging opportunities to serve LACCEI. I am especially focused on advocating for engineering education practices (competencies, upskilling, growth mindset, design-thinking) that can increase preparation for mobility and research collaborations. My work over the years has shown that I can develop and implement programs the benefit both faculty and students, and work with diverse groups to maximize the collective impact. I look forward to having a chance to support the vision of LACCEI’s leadership, and work with colleagues across countries for mutual purposes that will benefit the organization-at-large.

Relationship with LACCEI: click here.

Vianney Lara

Member at Large (2 year term)

Tecnologico de Monterrey. Mexico

Functions of The Member at Large:

  • In coordination with the Executive Director, present these regulations and other aspects of the organization of the Consortium to the new members of the Board of Directors and recently elected officials, to the associate vice-presidents and coordinators of Committees, to the members of committees, and to other newly appointed collaborators.
  • Carry out other functions entrusted by the Board of Directors or the President.

Proposal for the Presidency of LACCEI:

  1. Support the execution of the annual work plan and the needs of the executive board.
  2. Promote strategic collaboration to increase the impact of LACCEI initiatives and projects.
  3. Promote alliances of LACCEI with other organizations to work together towards common goals in engineering education.


Vianney Lara graduated as Mechatronics Engineer from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Monterrey Campus, Mexico and holds a PhD in Smart Materials from Loughborough University in the UK. She worked in GE Healthcare as Manufacturing Process Engineer and Advanced Projects Engineer for Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment. She joined Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico as Program Head for the Mechatronics Engineering Program at Monterrey Campus. Then, she was Academic Projects Director, and more recently, Division Director of the School of Engineering and Sciences at Monterrey Campus.

Vianney is the President of the Matilda Latin American Chair for Women in Engineering, founding member, and belongs to the mentoring and research groups. She belongs to the LACCEI executive board as VP of Initiatives. She is a founding member of Ingenia Women in Engineering and Sciences participating in the linkage, mentoring and dissemination committees. Vianney belongs to the OWSD Mexico´s Chapter executive board. She is the Secretary for ANFEI Region II. She is an IEEE, WIE (Women in Engineering) and IEEE-HKN member. Vianney is a CB Coach certified by the Conscious Business Center.

She belongs to the National System of Researchers (SNI). Her research lines are Challenge-Based Learning, Educational Innovation in Engineering, Interdisciplinary STEM Education, and Women in STEM. She is an adjoint member of the SOI – STEM Socially Oriented Interdisciplinary STEM Education Research Group at the Institute for the Future of Education.