Copyright LACCEI Papers

The undersigned, desiring to publish the accepted papers in a publication of LACCEI, hereby transfers their copyrights of the paper to the Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions, known as LACCEI.
In return for these rights, LACCEI hereby grants the author(s), and the employers for whom the work was performed, permission to:

  • Reuse portions of the above paper in other works.
  • Reproduce the paper for personal or internal use, provided that (a) the source and LACCEI copyright are indicated, (b) the copies are not used in a way that implies LACCEI endorsement of product or service of an employer, and (c) the copies are not offered for sale.

In exercising its rights under copyright, LACCEI will make all reasonable efforts to act in the interests of the authors of their employers as well as in its own interest.

In particular, LACCEI requires that:

  • The consent of the first-named author is sought as a condition in granting republication permission by others.
  • The consent of the authors or their employers be obtained as a condition in granting permission to others to reuse a portion or all of the paper for promotion or marketing purposes.

(For U.S. Government Employees Only)

This will certify that all authors of the paper are employees of the U.S. Government and performed this work as part of their employment.