Internationalization and Interculturality


We understand interculturality and internationalization as the different approaches regarding to training and education, not only from the point of view of communication but also from different areas related to our interests, since our students, at the end of their training, will join multicultural companies or organizations.

The objective of this committee is to research and provide strategies for the development of Intercultural skills through intervention, exchange, seminars and conferences in the scope of our institutions in order to determine the key competences to acquire qualifications that allows students and teachers to be successful internationally and
interculturally in a globalized world. Some actions include: the implementation of double degree programs, internships, study abroad, teacher exchanges, video conferences, online classes, among others.

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Coordinator / Contact

Coordinator: Luis Fernando Martínez Arconada  
Specialist Internationalization Area 
Professor ENIT (France)  

Contact LACCEI: (English) (Español)