LACCEI Academic Merit Medalist 2017

Eng. Jaime Salazar Contreras
Awarded with the LACCEI Academic Merit Medal on 2017

This year LACCEI has awarded  Eng. Jaime Salazar Contreras with the 2017 LACCEI Academic Merit Medal Award for outstanding achievement and impact to Engineering Education in the Americas.

Professor Jaime Salazar Contreras is an Agricultural Engineer, has a Master of Sciences degree in Structural Engineering and received a degree equivalent to a Ph. D. at the National University of Colombia (UNC). He is a professor of the National University of Colombia (for 33 years), where he was promoted as Emeritus Professor of the Department of Civil and Agricultural Engineering.

In 2002 he became the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the National University of Colombia, where he previously served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Secretary of Academic Affairs, Department Chair and Academic Coordinator. For eight years Jaime Salazar was the Executive Director of the Colombian Association of Engineering Colleges – ACOFI – to promote the curricular advancements of engineering programs and contribute to the Colombian model of accreditation.

Since 1999, he is the Executive Secretary of the Ibero-American Association of Engineering Education Institutions -ASIBEI- dedicated to support processes and projects aimed to the continuous education and training improvement for engineers in the Ibero-American region.

At the present Prof. Jaime Salazar is the coordinator of interdisciplinary research group of Education in Engineering – EDUCING, in the process of publishing two books related to the three moments of Educating in engineering: planning and preparation of curriculum, development and evaluation of the subject matter.

Moreover, he is leading the Foundation for the Promotion and Improvement of Education – PROMEDUC, carrying out activities related to the design and evaluation of educational models, supporting initiatives and design tutorial programs for educational projects, virtual courses, teachers’ training and coaching in self-evaluation and accreditation processes.

Prof. Jaime Salazar has authored, co-authored and edited 13 books with an important subject matter that contribute towards consolidating the training and education processes of Ibero-American engineers. Some of these volumes are: “Evolución en los tres momentos de la docencia en ingeniería;” “La formación práctica en la ingeniería: Hacia un modelo educativo más eficiente para el binomio Universidad-Empresa;” “Aspectos Básicos para el Diseño Curricular en Programas de Ingeniería.” “Folleto Institucional ASIBEI;” “Cultura, Profesión y Acreditación del Ingeniero Iberoamericano.”