Technological Development and Innovation


This Committee is constituted as an academic space for debate, reflection, collective knowledge construction, teaching and research, the generation and strengthening of inter-university relationships, inter-institutional and interpersonal integration, skills development, and implementation of activities that promote Technological Development and Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean, in a framework of articulation with LACCEI and other institutions such as CONFEDI and ASIBEI.


  • Maximize the contribution of engineers to sustainable territorial development in their context of influence in a framework of strengthening regional cooperation
  • Promote and strengthen technological development activities, Technological knowledge transfer and contribution to innovations attending to local and regional socio-productive needs.

Initial actions:

It is proposed as part of this committee to adhere to: The LATIN AMERICAN INNOVATION RALLY that is developed under the General Coordination of the Federal Council of Engineering Deans of Argentina (CONFEDI) and the the SUBJECT OF TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION (IBERODETI) of the Iberoamerican Association Engineering Education Institutions (ASIBEI).

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Coordinator / Contact

Coordinator: Miguel Angel Sosa
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Argentina

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