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Knowledge Alliance of popular care and professional care in children's health promotion

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Date of Conference

December 6-7, 2022

Published In

“Exponential Technologies and Global Challenges: Moving toward a new culture of entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable development”

Location of Conference

Virtual Edition


Mendoza Ramírez, Gina Dominga

Cardoza Sernaqué, Manuel Antonio

Rupay Nolasco, Olga Digna

Valderrama Ríos, Olga Giovanna

Patricio Ayala, Soledad Verónica

Díaz Espinoza, Maribel

Bellido Valdiviezo, Omar


The study aimed to explain the influence of the alliance of knowledge of popular care and professional care in the promotion of infant health in a health institution located in northern Peru. An applied and explanatory study of quasi-experimental design was used with a sample of 40 mothers of children under 2 years of age. Information was collected on mothers' knowledge regarding the essential components of infant health promotion such as feeding, hygiene and early stimulation, between the months of October to December 2021. Subsequently, the alliance of popular knowledge of health promotion was applied with the practice of professional care in the mothers who made up the experimental group. The non-parametric Chi square test was used to contrast the study hypothesis. Finally, it was shown that the alliance of knowledge of popular care and professional care significantly influences the practices of feeding, hygiene and early stimulation that mothers have for their nursing children.

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