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Towards a software system for measuring public corruption based on objective information

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Date of Conference

July 18-22, 2022

Published In

"Education, Research and Leadership in Post-pandemic Engineering: Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Actions"

Location of Conference

Boca Raton


Baquero-Rey, Luis E.

Nogueras-Iso, Javier

Zarazaga-Soria, F. Javier

Latre, Miguel Á.


The fight against corruption in recent decades has been a topic of special interest to some organizations, which is why several of them periodically present results so that countries can remedy or take the necessary measures to counteract or reverse this situation that goes against their development. These results are, in most cases, support-ed by expert surveys based on corruption perceptions, which will originate little objective data from them. In this sense, the problem around it is studied, as well as the main characteristics of these corruption indices are defined, to con-tinue with the approach and brief description of a solution to this situation, based on a proposed architecture to measure public cor-ruption based on open and objective information.

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