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Active biodegradable films from mango starch integrated with silver nanoparticles synthesized by green chemistry

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Date of Conference

July 18-22, 2022

Published In

"Education, Research and Leadership in Post-pandemic Engineering: Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Actions"

Location of Conference

Boca Raton


Nazario-Naveda, Renny

Delfin-Narciso, Daniel

Asmat-Campos, David

Rojas Flores, Segundo J.

Benites, Santiago M.

Mantilla-Sifuentes, Fernanda

Alayo-Zavaleta, Yessica


The purpose of this work was to manufacture biodegradable films made from mango seed starch incorporating colloidal silver nanoparticles and verify their potential to be used as active material. Silver nanoparticles were manufactured by green route from grape residues and were added in the film gelatinization process at concentrations of 3% and 6% wt. The silver nanoparticles were characterized by UV-Vis and FTIR spectroscopy, while the fabric films were characterized by their density and % moisture content. Active properties were characterized using water absorption kinetics and biodegradation by burial in soil. An effect on the physical characteristics and active properties of the films was found due to the integration of silver nanoparticles. An increase in density, a reduction in moisture content, as well as a considerable slowdown in the kinetics of water absorption were observed, characteristics that can be exploited for the manufacture of active materials.

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