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The potential of nanoparticles synthesized by green route, for its application in the remediation of contaminated soils

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Date of Conference

July 18-22, 2022

Published In

"Education, Research and Leadership in Post-pandemic Engineering: Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Actions"

Location of Conference

Boca Raton


Andrade-Zavaleta, Karin

Chacon-Laiza, Yessica

Asmat-Campos, David


Currently, environmental awareness has allowed the development of a growing wave of research focused on the evaluation and remediation of soils. This research was developed in the field of nanotechnology, specifically with the aim of knowing and contributing to the scientific community on the latest advances in the various types of nanoparticles (NP) synthesized by the green route (biosynthesized) and applied to soil remediation, from the analysis of research articles. For this purpose, the PRISMA methodology was used, selecting research between the years 2010 and 2020. As a final result, based on terms of inclusion and exclusion, a total of 20 publications were obtained that contained the necessary variables. The information was indexed in article registration matrices, study characteristics and finally in one of categories. From this, 25% of articles published in 2020 and another 25% of publications in 2018 were found, which indicates that nanotechnology is in constant progress. In the same way, the category matrix addressed various methods for soil decontamination. Finally, it can be concluded that the biosynthesized NP application poses excellent viability, since its application is profitable and does not generate harmful impacts on the environment.

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