Blueberry-Based Gummies With Partial Substitution Of Unflavored Gelatin For Cushuro (Nostoc Commune Vauch.) Flour

Published in: Prospective and trends in technology and skills for sustainable social development. Leveraging emerging technologies to construct the future: Proceedings of the 19th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 19-23, 2021
Location of Conference: Virtual
Authors: Sandra Pagador (Universidad César Vallejo, PE)
Guillermo Alberto Linares Luján (Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, PE)
Jesús A. Sánchez-González (Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, PE)
Sweeney Kahomy García Bartra (Universidad César Vallejo, PE)
Leslie Lescano (Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, PE)
Meliza Lindsay Rojas (Universidad Privada del Norte, PE)
Full Paper: #312


Cushuro (Nostoc commune Vauch.) is an alga resistant to adverse weather conditions and has been consumed since ancient times. However, in recent years, more research has been carried out to revalue this product since it has beneficial functional and nutritional characteristics. In the present study, cushuro is proposed as an alternative to improve a traditional and highly consumed product such as gummies, in addition to using blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus Var. Biloxi) pulp. For this, partial substitutions of unflavored gelatin for cushuro flour were performed at 35% (T1), 45% (T2), 55% (T3). As a result, it was obtained that the higher the percentage of cushuro used, the protein and carbohydrate content increased reaching values of 3.85 ± 0.03 % and 91.58 ± 0.64% in dry basis, and the fat content decreased until 4.13 ± 1.15% in dry basis. On the other hand, by using cushuro flour and blueberry pulp, the antioxidant capacity of the gummies was increased (reaching > 60% inhibition of the DPPH radical). Finally, changes in the texture and color of the gummies were found by using cushuro flour. In conclusion, the use of raw materials little-explored can present a great alternative to improve the quality of traditional gummies.