Predicting PM2.5 In Temuco And Padre Las Casas, Chile Using Ordinary Kriging

Published in: Prospective and trends in technology and skills for sustainable social development. Leveraging emerging technologies to construct the future: Proceedings of the 19th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 19-23, 2021
Location of Conference: Virtual
Authors: Juan Carlos Cubillos (Universidad Andrés Bello, CL)
Carola Blazquez (Universidad Andres Bello, CL)
Full Paper: #263


Ambient air pollution causes serious human health problems. Geostatistical interpolation methods have proven to efficiently estimate exposure to air pollutants. In this study, we employed Ordinary Kriging to predict PM2.5 concentrations due to woodsmoke in the conurbation of Temuco and Padre Las Casas, Chile using mobile measurements conducted during June and July of 2016. Overall, the results suggest that higher PM2.5 concentrations were estimated in Temuco. Spatial differences in high PM2.5 concentrations are observed when examining the PM2.5 estimates by month. The results of this study may help authorities and policymakers to implement environmental actions to reduce air pollution in the studied conurbation.