Experience In A Training Program To Strengthen Technological Entrepreneurship Through Technological Tools During The Covid-19

Published in: Prospective and trends in technology and skills for sustainable social development. Leveraging emerging technologies to construct the future: Proceedings of the 19th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 19-23, 2021
Location of Conference: Virtual
Authors: Jose Esquicha-Tejada (Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, PE)
Luis Calatayud-Rosado (Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, PE)
Andrea Cornejo-Paredes (Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, PE)
Solange Ramos-Cooper (Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, PE)
Karina Rosas-Paredes (Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, PE)
Eduardo Mollinedo-Chavez (Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, PE)
Full Paper: #205


Currently, due to the global health emergency, several difficulties have arisen in education. Specifically, in the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the virtualization of training programs and networking, considered as the basis of any entrepreneurship, has been evidenced as the main problem. This article explains a virtualization proposal through the use of tools such as social networks, videoconferences, and virtual rooms (Habbo Platform), which resulted in a great reception by different students among all professional careers of the University. It also explains the interaction and synergy generated between people from different specialties that concluded in obtaining a national award.