The Economic And Social Impact Of Production Management In Companies Related To The Recycle Of Glass Bottles In Latin America: A Systematic Literature Review.

Published in: Prospective and trends in technology and skills for sustainable social development. Leveraging emerging technologies to construct the future: Proceedings of the 19th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 19-23, 2021
Location of Conference: Virtual
Authors: Josue Castañón-Flores (Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN), PE)
Julio Bernal-Pacheco (Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN), PE)
Full Paper: #143


One of the serious problems of solid waste in Latin America is its inadequate management of recovery for reuse, finding in the glass in the form of bottle or container, the opportunity of excessive compliance with the time for decomposition or the imperative and real need to generate employment, therefore a study was conducted based on a systematic review identifying research related to a context of creating new businesses from the use of recycled glass bottles, being of great contribution to economic development for the community and preservation for the environment. In the present research, 100 researches were analyzed, finding 47% of the total number of publications correspond to scientific articles and 53% to doctoral, master's and bachelor's theses, with Dialnet, Redalyc, WorldCat and Google Scholar as databases. The review of scientific literature was related to the business and social sector, finding investment projects applied to the reuse of glass bottles with 17.5%, in companies related to the recycling of glass and solid waste with 20%, studies on the use of recycled glass bottles for the creation of new products in different productive sectors with 37.5% and finally, studies were found in communities or local municipalities within the Latin American context with 25%.