Social and Technological Development Projects in Argentina and the need for a system for ex-post evaluation

Published in: Engineering, Integration, and Alliances for a Sustainable Development. Hemispheric Cooperation for Competitiveness and Prosperity on a Knowledge-Based Economy: Proceedings of the 18th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 27-31, 2020
Location of Conference: Virtual
Authors: Roberto Giordano Lerena (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, AR)
Armando Fernández Guillermet (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, AR)
Full Paper: #43


In 2013 the Argentinian Republic incorporated to the Scientific and Technological National System a recognition and rating instrument of the technological development activities with social impact. The instrument integrates a System that works in the frame of State policies that allows the accreditation of the Social and Technological Development Projects (PDTS) and its incorporation to the National Bank of such projects. As the System is consolidated, the challenge that arises now is to generate an ex post System of Evaluation of the PDTS, which makes it possible to validate its effectiveness in terms of impact and compliance with the criteria evaluated ex ante. For this reason, the development of an Ad-hoc Evaluation Technology is proposed. The article presents the background, characteristics and implementation details of the System and the PDTS as an instrument, in order to disseminate it in the region and, especially, in the field of engineering. It also exposes the conceptual framework for the development of the necessary technology for the ex post evaluation of this type of projects.