Uma Metodologia Multi-Nível e Multidisciplinar para Letramento Digital

Published in: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities and Communities: Proceedings of the 17th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 24-26, 2019
Location of Conference: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Authors: Keila Cruz Moreira (Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte, BR)
Marcelo Henrique Carneiro Camilo (Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte, BR)
Helber Wagner Da Silva (Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte, BR)
(Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte)
Full Paper: #93


The development of digital skills of people is a necessity of postmodern society, whether for work, education or everyday life. However, several countries have people (especially children) in situations of socio-economic vulnerability that are on the margins of technological development and, therefore, socially excluded. This work seeks to offer a new social technology of low cost and easy replicability to favour the digital literacy of children in social vulnerability. This technology represents a multi-level and multidisciplinary methodology that integrates higher education, technical secondary education and elementary education, in which higher education students (trainers) offer didactic-pedagogical training in Informatics for students of high school/vocational education (instructors) direct the digital literacy of children (students) at the school where they study. The results of the application of this methodology revealed gains in comprehension in Informatics by the students, the application of technical knowledge by the instructors, as well as better training for the trainers