Determinación del Conocimiento y Nivel de Uso de Alimentos Genéticamente Modificados en Guayaquil - Ecuador

Published in: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities and Communities: Proceedings of the 17th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 24-26, 2019
Location of Conference: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Authors: Pablo Parra (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, EC)
Sheyla Vieyra (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, EC)
(Universidad Politécnica Salesiana)
Full Paper: #259


This article presents the results of an investigation, which has examined the impact produced by transgenics crops and has determined the knowledge and consumption of transgenic foods of habitants in Guayaquil. Reliable information sources were used to perform an exhaustive documentary research and used of survey to quantitative research. The data collection was done in Guayaquil, whose total population is 2,291,158, delimiting a sample of 384 persons; the SPSS program was used to measure data and disprove hypotheses raised. It was found that the global level of transgenic crops is disproportionate, so the social and economic impact varies and is more evident in countries with a higher volume of transgenic crops. In Guayaquil, it was discovered that habitants show a total unknowledge about transgenic products and uncertainty in their consumption.