Development and Implementation of an NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program: A Case Study at North Carolina State University

Published in: Innovation in Education and Inclusion : Proceedings of the 16th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 18-20, 2018
Location of Conference: Lima, Perú
Authors: David Parish (North Carolina State Univ., US)
Jerome Lavelle (North Carolina State Univ., US)
Louis Martin-Vega (North Carolina State Univ., US)
Full Paper: #87


The vision of the Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) in the College of Engineering (COE) at North Carolina State University is to maintain and enhance our College’s global reputation for excellence and to be a world-class leader and international model for facilitating intellectual property and technology transfer. The program addresses the fourteen Grand Challenges established by the National Academy of Engineering, by providing diverse educational possibilities, global-scale research alternatives, and numerous entrepreneurial or service learning opportunities for our students. This paper addresses the development and implementation of this program.