Sistema Electrohidráulico de Simulación Sísmica para evaluación de comportamiento Sísmico

Published in: Innovation in Education and Inclusion : Proceedings of the 16th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 18-20, 2018
Location of Conference: Lima, Perú
Authors: Juan Carlos Miguel Angel Gonzáles Lévano (Universidad Ricardo Palma, PE)
Gabriel León León Sigüeñas (Universidad Ricardo Palma, PE)
Héctor Gustavo Roselló Moreno (Universidad Ricardo Palma, PE)
María Teresa Mendez Landa Del Carmen (Universidad Ricardo Palma, PE)
Full Paper: #567


This article presents the development of 3 years of work where it was necessary to integrate the various branches of engineering, civil, mechanical and hydraulic, with the design and construction of the first electrohydraulic system designed by engineers graduated from the Ricardo Palma University. sent to manufacture a Peruvian company.