Generación de Proyectos Interdisciplinarios en el ""Capstone Design Course""

Published in: Innovation in Education and Inclusion : Proceedings of the 16th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 18-20, 2018
Location of Conference: Lima, Perú
Authors: Martín Bustamante (ESPOL, EC)
Cecilia Paredes (ESPOL, EC)
Javier Bermúdez (ESPOL, EC)
Full Paper: #489


This work presents the methodology to promote interdisciplinary projects within the capstone courses of ESPOL. This methodology begins with a situational analysis to identify areas for improvement in the operation of the Capstone Design Project, systematization of the planning, execution and evaluation process of the interdisciplinary projects (PI) and the coordination among professors from different programs. This work identifies the number of interdisciplinary projects executed, the number of professors involved with their respective programs, and how they contributed to have students apply the previously acquired knowledge, to help develop their competences and propose solutions to fulfill the needs of real problems of our society.