Proceso de Assessment para la Facultad de Ingeniería basado en el Modelo de Acreditación ICACIT

Published in: Innovation in Education and Inclusion : Proceedings of the 16th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education and Technology
Date of Conference: July 18-20, 2018
Location of Conference: Lima, Perú
Authors: Lucía Gabriela Chávez Quiroga (Universidad de Piura, PE)
Anghella Yvette Madrid Alamo (Universidad de Piura, PE)
Juan Ignacio Quinde Li Say Tan (Universidad de Piura, PE)
Milagros Denisse Zapata Ojeda (Universidad de Piura, PE)
Full Paper: #270


This paper pretends to present how the Assessment process has been defined and implemented in the Engineering Faculty of the Universidad de Piura under the ICACIT criteria. It explains the main concepts of the ICACIT model and those related to the Assessment; the methodology and tools used to define the Assessment process (based on the requirements collection techniques of the Project Management Book of Knowledge - Project Management Institute (PMI)); the description of the process defined; as well as the conclusions and recommendations product of the experience.