EUR-ACE Accreditation Workshop 2019

July 21 - 23 of 2019, Sea Garden Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Offered in Spanish.

About the Workshop:

The EUR-ACE Accreditation Workshop will be held on July of 2019, during the Pre-conference LACCEI 2019 International Multi-Conference. Following the successful last year’s EUR-ACE Workshop, this training is focused to expand the number of accreditation experts in Latin America. After this training, participants will be aware of accreditation procedures criteria and will enable them to prepare educational programs at their home universities for further international accreditation, including but not limited to EUR-ACE Label. Participants who complete succesfully this training will receive from a European Accreditation Agency a certificate with the title of Expert Candidate. After participating in at least one program accreditation process, the candidate will be promoted to Active Expert and will be part of the database of experts available for the European Accreditation Agencies.

The workshop is offered in spanish.

El entrenamiento de acreditacion de EUR-ACE se realizará de nuevo durante Julio de 2019 , previo a la conferencia LACCEI 2019 y por consecuencia del éxito logrado en el taller de EUR-ACE el año pasado, este taller se enfoca en expandir el número de expertos de acreditación en Latino América y el Caribe. Este entrenamiento es ofrecido por expertos que están certificados como evaluadores y entrenadores en acreditación desarrollada en el idioma español. Los participantes que concluyen este taller con éxito estarán listos para preparar la acreditación internacional de carreras en sus respectivas universidades (incluyendo pero no limitado al certificado denominado EUR-ACE). Los participantes que concluyen con éxito todas las tareas durante dicho entrenamiento recibirán un certificado de acreditación y el titulo de Candidato a Experto. por parte de una de las agencias europeas de acreditación. Después de que los candidatos participen en un proceso de auditoria para acreditación (visita de acreditación a una universidad), se convierten en Expertos activos y harán parte de la base de datos de las agencias europeas para procesos de acreditación internacional.

El workshop es ofrecido en español

Who should attend:

  • Representatives of the academic community: Faculty members of higher education institutions (professors, associate professors, departmental heads, leaders of research and education units That are aware of content and of the organizational aspects in the educational process.
  • Industry representatives: Representatives of business and industry, involved in the process of training engineers able to critically assess competences (learning outcomes) of students and graduates of the educational program.
  • Representatives of the management and administrative staff of higher education institutions / accreditation agencies: Proactive and motivated employees who intend to organize and supervise the process of accreditation of educational programs in the field of engineering and technology.

Dirigido a los:

  • Representantes de la comunidad académica: Profesores de instituciones de educación superior (profesores, profesores asociados, Jefes de investigación y de unidades académicas (departamentos académicos) responsables de los contenidos y aspectos organizacionales de los procesos académicos.
  • Representantes de la Industria: Representantes de negocios, involucrados en procesos de entrenamiento de ingenieros habilitados para evaluar en forma crítica las competencias (logros de aprendizaje) de estudiantes de pregrado y posgrado de programas académicos.
  • Representantes o empleados de áreas administrativas de universidades o agencias de acreditación: empleados proactivos y motivados quienes realizan el trabajo y supervisan el proceso de acreditación en programas en las áreas de ingeniería y tecnología.


Yury Р. Pokholkov PhD, D.Sc.
Association for Engineering Education (AEER)
Kseniya Zaitseva PhD.
International Projects Manager
Association for Engineering Education (AEER)
José Carlos Quadrado PhD.
European Network for Accreditation
of Engineering Education (ENAEE)

Prof. Dr. Yury Р. Pokholkov

  Yury Pokholkov, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences holds the position of President of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia (AEER), all-Russian organization that aims to improvement of engineering education and engineering profession involving educational, scientific and technological aspects. A lot of efforts have been made by AEER to develop and improve the system of public professional accreditation and certification of professional engineers in Russia. Under the leadership of Prof. Pokholkov AEER has become full member of ENAEE, Washington Accord, IFEES, SEFI, APEC, etc.
Prof. Pokholkov has vast experience in university management and international cooperation being Rector of National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University - TPU (1990-2008) and current Head of Department of Management and Technology in Higher Professional Education at TPU. A member of several professional and public academies, Yury Pokholkov has gained public and professional acknowledgment and government awards: Honoured Worker of Science and Engineering of Russian Federation, Honorary Professor at Jilin University, Medal of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Johann Joseph Ritter von Prechtl Medal of TU Wien.
His scientific publications (more than 230 including 9 monographs) are in the field of electrical engineering, as well as management and quality assurance in engineering education.

Dr. Kseniya K. Tolkacheva

Dr. Kseniya K. Zaitseva is member of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia responsible (manager) for AEER international cooperation activities. International Quality Assurance Expert (International Professional Accreditation of Educational Programs). PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, graduate degree in “Mathematical Methods in Economics”. Also holds a Management degree. Her research focus is in Quality Assurance, active learning and international academic mobility. Has experience in coordinating several TEMPUS projects as well as organizing joint international partnerships in educational and research areas, including national and international projects, organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses. Fluent in English, Spanish and Russian.

Prof. Dr. José Carlos Quadrado

  Jose Carlos Quadrado, is an international leader in engineering education. He is a tenured full-professor at the Porto Polytechnic Institute (P.Porto), one of the leading and most prestigious engineering institutes in Portugal, where he is also currently the Pro-President for Internationalisation. He holds a BSc in Energy and Power Systems, a diploma degree in Electrical Engineering, Automation and Industrial Electronics, a MSc and a Doctor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computers from Lisbon Technical University. He also holds the Habilitation degree (Aggregation) in Electrical Engineering from Beira Interior University. He is currently the immediate past-President of the Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI). Holds the position of past-President of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) and the position of past president of the Ibero-American Engineering Education Association (ASIBEI). He is also a past-Vice President of the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) and past-President of Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL). Innovative, good communicator and experienced in the field of Engineering he leads the Portuguese Observatory on European and Latin-American University management strategy best practices (TELESCOPI Portugal). Being a former member of the National Bologna Expert Group, he is the past-President of the Portuguese association of engineering deans (APDI2E). As a current member of the board of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE), he has been actively supporting the development of new accreditation agencies in Central Asia, Africa and Latin America. He is also a Kazakhstan Society of Engineering Education (KazSEE) accreditation board member. Being a member and senior member of several engineering societies and engineering education societies in several continents, he is also a visiting professor in many universities around the world and board member of several technological societies and technological companies. He has been involved in more than 200 international publications, patents and has been the recipient of international technical awards and scholarships.

Registration starts at 8:00 am
The workshop starts at 9:00am
Transportation from your Hotel to the Sea Garden Resort will be provided.

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  • USD 2,250 (Registration from a Non LACCEI Member Institution)

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