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The Consortium’s Mission:

The mission of LACCEI is to be the leading organization of Latin American and Caribbean engineering institutions that will bring innovations in engineering education and research, and emerge as a major force in this hemisphere to foster partnerships among academia, industry, government and private organizations for the benefit of the society and the nations.

The goals and objectives of LACCEI include the following.

Cooperation and partnerships among member institutions in the areas of engineering education, research, and technology advancement with emphasis on:

· Faculty and student exchange

· New and/or higher level academic programs

· Dual/joint degree and certificate programs

· Distance, continuing and e-education

· Laboratory development and sharing of resources

· Curriculum development, course equivalency and accreditation support

· Faculty development including higher degrees

· Industry internship, cooperative programs and career development

· Joint training and research programs, and solicitation of funds

· Development, commercialization and transfer of technology

· Dissemination of scholarly achievements and other accomplishments by member institutions.