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Innovation in education is fundamental for accelerating country development. This is achieved through concrete changes in teaching and learning methods based on product generation (for example, creating/redesigning curriculums to adapt to local and global needs), processes (support for innovative techniques like virtual education or more effective teaching strategies), and relevant changes to the structures and behavior of educational institutions (for example, modes of admission, educational services promotion, modernization of physical classroom infrastructure, labs, libraries, spaces and times potentially included in their curriculums). Educational innovation implies positive change that can be measured through processes and results.


The International Federation for Engineering Education Socities – IFEES – and the Colombian Association of Engineering Faculties – ACOFI -, as part of their permanent work promoting quality in education, research and external relations in Engineering faculties, schools and programs around the world, will this year look at innovation topics that have an impact on the education of competitive and entrepreneurial engineers and on the development of teaching methods that will help educate engineers capable of innovating and generating significant changes in a global environment, as a working proposal for WEEF 2013.


Innovation in Education:

This topic analyzes the role that innovation processes play as the goal and means to add value to the education of our engineers in the methods, curriculum, teaching practices, evaluations and the impact it has on the educational process. This is implemented through the activity of professors who develop effective teaching strategies and techniques consistent with scientific and technological developments.

Education for Innovation:

This core topic covers the role innovation plays as a central topic for applied and pertinent research and how these elements stimulate competitiveness. We seek to support entrepreneurship as an engineering response to contemporary society, where we don’t just promote world-class scientific and technological development, but seek to have their results reflected by the former’s welfare.