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OAS Engineering for the Americas "Encuentro"

Museums of Science and Technology


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Informal and formal Engineering Education Panel by the Museum of Science of Boston

Wednesday July 23 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

This panel will present research derived from our programs in formal and informal engineering education describing how people learn engineering. These programs include museum and community-based Design Challenge experiences and K – 12 engineering curricula. The session will share how the Museum of Science is teaching engineering, how we are reaching outside of the Museum's walls to engage in hands-on engineering challenges, and how our research and evaluation efforts are informing these efforts.

The Museum of Science, Boston is the country's only science museum with a comprehensive strategy and infrastructure to foster technological literacy in both science museums and schools nationwide. Since 2003, the Museum has created technology exhibits and programs and integrating engineering as a new discipline in schools via standards-based K – 12 curricular reform. Recognizing that a 21st-century curriculum must include the human-made world, we work to advance technological literacy in schools by helping states modify educational standards and assessments, designing K – 12 engineering materials, and offering educators professional development.

Christina Moscat

Education associate for Traveling Programs, will provide an overview of the Museum’s Traveling or STEM “on-the-road” programs serving over 100,000 students annually. The goals, mission, scope, and logistics of the program will be described. In addition a case study of our Engineering Windmills Workshop will be presented.

Lydia Beall

Design Challenges program manager, will present the criteria and best practices for development and facilitation of successful design-based engineering activities in museums or other informal education settings. The Museum’s Design Challenges program serves 120,000 visitors a year and has been in continuous research and development with 19 challenges in all fields of engineering since 2003.

Anna Lindgren-Streicher

Manager of Research and Evaluation, will share lessons learned from the research on and evaluation of engineering programs at the Museum. This includes a discussion on findings of how visitors engage in the engineering design process, how parents and trained facilitators help children engage in the process, and how the Museum successfully engages girls in engineering.

Cindy Sweetser

Director of dissemination for the National Center for Technological Literacy, will share findings from our work in elementary engineering education. The presentation will answer the question “What Makes an Effective Elementary Engineering Program?” Research and practice have revealed that there are critical components necessary to engage students in the design process. Our award winning curriculum, Engineering is Elementary, is the leading program in the United States, in use in all 50 states, having reached 65,000 teachers and over 5,000,000 students.


1st OAS EftA Forum of Museums and Parks of Science and Technology of the Americas

Wednesday July 23 - 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

The Ministers of the 34 countries member of the Organization of American States (OAS) created Engineering for the Americas (EftA) to meet their Vision 20/25, which includes to increase by 50% the number of engineering graduates by 2025. The Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI) has been charged by the OAS with Engineering Education hemispheric initiatives to be placed under the umbrella of OAS EftA. Since 2006, LACCEI has hosted the OAS Engineering for the Americas Encounters parallel to its annual conference. In the past, the Encounter included Forums of Engineering Accrediting Agencies for the Americas and Forums of Engineering Deans and Directors of the Americas.This year will be added a Forum of Museums and Parks of Science and Technology of the Americas to increase awareness of existing informal and formal programs and their effectiveness, and potential collaborations to improve K-12 and community interest in engineering education. Museum representatives will meet with funding agencies to discuss possible international collaboration of common interest. This forum of collaboration will be held annually at the OAS Engineering of the Americas "Encuentro", parallel to the LACCEI annual Conference.



Working Group for Mobile Museum Initiative

Thursday July 24 - 9:00 am to 10:30 am

The Workshop that follows the next morning focuses in a concrete project of collaborating to design a mobile museum of science and technology, and a capacity building program for university faculty and staff to use for STEM extension activities to K-12 schools and the community in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The design will be implemented by the host university, Universidad ESPOL.

Margarita Helena Martínez Jara

  • Electrical Engineering, ESPOL, Guayaquil, 1989
  • Quality statistic control, ITESM - ESPOL, Guayaquil, 1992
  • Masters in Information Technology, ESPOL, Guayaquil, 1996
  • Masters in Business & Management, Quebec University in montreal(UQAM), Canada, 1998
  • Senio Diploma Business & Management, PUCE-ESPOL(1999-2000)
  • International Certiificate in Design, Administration & Evaluation of Projects. PUCE-BID-ESPOL(1999-2000)


  • Director of Admissions Office in ESPOL, since November 2012
  • Professor of "Primer Semillero de Futuros Científicos e Ingenieros", organized by "!aja! Parque de la Ciencia", 2006
  • Director of project "!aja! Parque de la Ciencia", 2004-2008
  • Professor of Natural Science & Mathematics faculty in Escuela Superior Polítecnica del Litoral, 1988

Vanessa Mireya Salazar Villalva

  • Engineer in Statistic Informatics, ESPOL, Guayquil, 2007
  • Masters in Control of Operations & Logistic Design, ESPOL, Guayaquil, 2011


  • Director of the Project "!aja" Parque de la Ciencia", since, November 2012
  • Coordinator of Statisic Informatic Engineering of FCNM - ESPOL, since November 2011
  • Professor of "Tercer Semillero de Futuros Científicos e Ingenieros", organized by "!aja! Parque de la Ciencia", 2008
  • Professor of Natural Science & Mathematics faculty in Escuela Superior Polítecnica del Litoral, since 2007