The nominations were closed on June 22, 2019

Call for Nominations for the 2019 Elections of LACCEI Officers for 2020

Every year LACCEI members elects a group of dedicated officers to lead the efforts of the organization. Equally, we recognize their efforts, leadership, and commitment to the advancement of LACCEI initiatives. A special recognition goes to our 2019 Executive Board Members that are completing their term; your legacy is reflected in the success of our initiates. To all of you our sincere gratitude.

LACCEI Executive Board of Directors announces that it will accept nominations for candidates to serve as Executive Board Members and who are committed to carry the mission of LACCEI for the term 2019-2020.

“The mission of LACCEI is to be the leading organization of Latin American and Caribbean engineering institutions that will bring innovations in engineering education and research, and emerge as a major force in this hemisphere to foster partnerships among academia, industry, government and private organizations for the benefit of the society and the nations.”


Select an available position

President Elect 2020 / Presidente Electo 2020 - 1 year term (2 years on Board)
VP of Initiatives / VP de Initiativas - 2 year term
Member at Large / Vocal - 2 year term